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  1. Well Travelled Magazine focus’ on mature traveller’s needs, giving them all the latest travel stories, tips, reviews and guides they want and need.
  2. We publish six times per year with a free 60-page print edition of the magazine distributed along the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales corridor.
  3. We also have a 120-page digital subscription of the magazine available nationally.
  4. Out stories are always fresh, useful and relevant, and written by experienced journalists, travel industry professionals and passionate travellers who like to share their own stories.
  5. We think smartphone and tablet first in design providing simple, intuitive navigation across all platforms.
  6. We are the trusted online resource for tens of thousands of regular seasoned travellers.
  7. We are part of the Well Travelled Network.

Brent Rees

Co-Founder & CEO

Brent Rees

Brent is one of Australia’s most experienced cross-media professionals.

His pedigree is in journalism and in a career spanning three decades, he’s also been a capital city Head of Marketing and Communications, a State Commercial Director, Editor-in-Chief and Digital Director in publishing and an Executive Producer and Director of international travel television co-productions with Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel and Animal Planet as well as domestic travel productions with the Seven and Nine Networks and Foxtel.

Melding that broad experience across integrated marketing, print, digital and television production, commercial sales and senior management in mainstream media, Brent is uniquely placed to understand what travel consumers want and how travel operators can most effectively reach their target markets in this age of fragmented audiences and channel choices.

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Jason Dutton-Smith

Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer

Jason Dutton-Smith

Jason is a highly-regarded expert in the travel industry and global content marketing circles.

An award-winning publisher, Jason has worked with some of Australia’s largest and most influential companies including Virgin Australia, Seven Network, various Flight Centre Travel Group brands and Better Homes & Gardens.

As Editor-in-Chief at Flight Centre, Jason created a class-leading national content team and conceived and produced the multi-award-winning travel magazine – Travel Ideas.

Because of his proven expertise in content marketing, Jason is also a sought-after speaker regularly presenting keynote addresses at marketing conferences and sales events.

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