Brent Rees
Brent Rees
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With a career spanning news journalism, travel documentary-making and general wanderlust, I have been fortunate to venture far & wide to experience some amazing things ... and I still get excited packing my bags every time!

The many sides of Amsterdam

Somewhere along the line, the capital of the Netherlands became known more for its red light district and acceptance of drugs than for its amazing cultural contribution to the world. It’s time t…

Spectacular Jungfrau

Take a ride on not only one of the most beautiful rail journeys in the world but Switzerland’s century-old Jungfraujoch is also an engineering marvel.…

Your Hong Kong guide

From a tourism point of view, many wondered how Hong Kong would fare after sovereignty was returned to China in 1997 but this thriving urban metropolis has gone from strength to strength.…

Touring the Cotswolds

They might span just 50x150km but the meadows, villages and rolling hills of the Cotswolds are known worldwide for their picture postcard beauty and timeless appeal.…

Tuscany special

This is an interesting half-hour special on Tuscany that digs a little deeper than most and reveals what life is like for the locals in this idyllic pocket of Italy.…

Using credit cards overseas

It’s understandable a lot of people don’t feel safe using credit cards overseas. It takes a certain leap of faith to insert your plastic into an ATM in a foreign country or present it to a…

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