Brent Rees
Brent Rees
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With a career spanning news journalism, travel documentary-making and general wanderlust, I have been fortunate to venture far & wide to experience some amazing things ... and I still get excited packing my bags every time!

Travel habits of the super-rich

Interviewing 800 millionaires was always going to provide some wonderfully voyeuristic data. When it comes to travel habits, turns out the uber wealthy prefer to: fly Singapore Airlines stay at the Be…

Top five food cities in China

Travellers visiting the world’s most populous country are discovering a lot more than just some of the most significant historic sites on the planet. The diversity of cuisines and flavours in Ch…

The many sides of Amsterdam

Somewhere along the line, the capital of the Netherlands became known more for its red light district and acceptance of drugs than for its amazing cultural contribution to the world. It’s time t…

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