Todd Sturm
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An Australian / American travel writer, Todd Sturm contributes travel and airline related feature articles for well known travel brands, including Australia's top national lifestyle magazine. Todd has also worked in the airline industry on both sides of the Pacific. His travel passions range from airlines, cruises and luxury hotels, to national parks, historic sites and off-the-beaten-track adventures.

The Best Time to Cruise

With a world of options, there’s never a bad time to go on a cruise. It’s simply a matter of knowing what’s on offer in each season. It wasn’t that long ago when the cruise choices out of Australia we…

Life on board a Cruise Ship

Few things in life are as enjoyable, or as exhilarating as a cruise. Whether you dream of the relaxed intimacy found on such small ship excursions like a European river cruise, or prefer the all-out e…

How to Choose your Cruise

From wide-open oceans to European waterways, Amazon river exploring and winding through Australian gorges, there are many ways you can choose to cruise. Our guide below will help you decide between oc…

Luxury on the rails

Imagine a holiday mixed with luxury and romance; a journey filled with the nostalgic appeal of a bygone era, when formal dinners were cherished, and no matter what time of day, men and women looked th…

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