Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Club Cruises

For those who enjoy small ship cruising, think Azamara Club Cruises.

Differentiating itself from today’s mega-ships, Azamara Club Cruises provides a more intimate experience with vessels that have a capacity of just 690 passengers. More like a giant yacht than a floating city, Azamara’s two ships, the Journey and the Quest, went through a complete refurbishment in 2016.

Because of the ships’ size, cruise itineraries are able to include stops not otherwise accessible by the larger ships. Not only do the boutique style ships offer unique itinerary options, they also provide a level of comfort and style that the more discerning travellers appreciate. And because most amenities are included, there’s no need to pay extra for gratuities, most drinks, and even the shuttle services at port cities for example.

  1. 10 Night Arabian Gulf and Emirates Voyage
  2. 16 Night New Orleans and West Indies
  3. 14 Night The Spice Route
  4. 13 Night Vietnam and Thailand Voyage
  5. 8 Night Venice and the Amalfi Coast Voyage
  1. Boutique, small ship cruising
  2. Completely refurbished ships
  3. Themed golf cruises
  4. Complimentary shuttle service at most ports
  5. More time spent in each port
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