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Northern lights

When a holiday changes your life

Epic adventures to faraway places are the travel experiences that stay with you forever. When you’re suddenly immersed in a completely foreign world, perhaps a little out of your comfort zone and wher…

What’s all the fuss about Antarctica?

The great frozen continent divides travellers and even the greatest explorers. Repeat offender, Roderick Eime, buys into the debate. We all remember the two most famous of Antarctic names: Scott and A…

Treasures of Egypt and Jordan

Ancient Egyptians believed life on earth was part of an eternal journey and the Gods were stars in the skies watching over the land. Believing they would become Gods themselves, the Pharaohs commissio…

How to navigate Venice 

The watery wonderland of Venice isn’t your typical city when it comes to getting around.   Spread across 118 small islands, this perennial favourite amongst travellers requires some prior knowledge if…

Experience outback NSW

A visit to Broken Hill should be on the checkbox of every Aussie traveller. An iconic outback town adjacent to the South Australian border with NSW, this remote and fascinating place is a living museu…

Sagrada Familia

Churches you have to see

Regardless of personal faith, visiting the world’s great churches is high on most travel to-do lists.  The stirring stroll through St Peter’s Square to tour the Renaissance wonder of St Peter’s Basili…

A UK hotpot for foodies!

He is one of the more affable and authentic chefs on the world stage and a favorite son of Cornwall. Dining at a Rick Stein restaurant on the southwestern tip of England is just one of the many epicur…

Journey through Germany

Germany isn’t all polka bands, beer gardens and wiener-schnitzel – although those things certainly give this central European country a great deal of character and flair. There never seems to be a bad…

Cunard sets sail in Japan

The revered cruise line is now offering round-trip voyages from Asia’s most fascinating destination. Sailing on a Cunard ship is much more than a luxury cruise, it is a life experience. While th…

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