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Battle of Britain tour

The Second World War was a defining moment in the history of Britain and to make it come alive, touring battlefields is a powerful, immersive, experience you’ll never forget. Add the museums, wa…

Churches you have to see

Regardless of personal faith, visiting the world’s great churches is high on most travel to-do lists.  The stirring stroll through St Peter’s Square to tour the Renaissance wonder of St Peter’s Basili…

Hong Kong markets guide

While tourists flock to Hong Kong’s popular Ladies Market and Jordan night market, and for good reason, it can be shoulder-to-shoulder navigation with lower prices found elsewhere.  In any city in the…

How to navigate Venice 

The watery wonderland of Venice isn’t your typical city when it comes to getting around.   Spread across 118 small islands, this perennial favourite amongst travellers requires some prior knowledge if…

Looking beyond Bali

Australians have long held a “holiday romance” with the Indonesian island of Bali but with 18,305 other islands to explore, there are many more slices of paradise on offer. Here are just three of them…

Review of Scenic Gem’s cabins

The River Seine is the original Paris landmark. Without it, Paris itself may never have existed, at least not in the way we know it today. A major artery for trade since at least the 3rd century, the …

Why you need to see Iceland

As seasoned travellers, we’re always on the lookout for new adventures recommended by fellow nomads. Iceland is one of those places people rave about once they’ve been but it’s not t…

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