Evergreen Tours

Evergreen Tours has been providing travellers with unique tours to worldwide destinations for nearly 40 years.

Evergreen’s approach to holidays is to provide guests with a balanced tour that offers the perfect blend of culinary and cultural experiences, must-see attractions and off-the-beaten-track locations, and scheduled tours with free time to explore on your own.

No matter where you want to travel, chances are there’s an Evergreen tour available to take you there. Enjoy varying travel styles, from the river cruise to luxury rail and coach excursions. Depending on the tour, it’s possible to have each of those elements included in a single tour. And on every tour, guests will enjoy premium hotels, in the most convenient locations.

  • River cruise
  • Deluxe escorted coach tours
  • Rail journeys
  1. Best of South America (20 Days)
  2. Rockies Grandeur and Alaska Cruise (18 Days)
  3. Splendours of Europe River Cruise – Amsterdam to Budapest (15 Days)
  4. Paris to Nice (14 Days)
  5. Eastern USA and Mississippi Cruise (26 Days)
  1. Tours visit iconic landmarks and hidden attractions
  2. Combination of cruise, coach and rail
  3. Australian tours available
  4. Solo traveller specials
  5. Nearly 40 years’ experience in the tourism industry
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