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Norway: Fjords and Glaciers

8 days in Europe: Scandinavia/Russia/Baltics

Let your imagination run wild as we fjord-hop past tiny islands and towering waterfalls. Experience a train journey like no other on the Flam Railway, carving a pa...


AU per person*

Mongolia Experience

14 days in Asia

The colourful history of Asia hangs brightly on Mongolia’s sleeve, from ancient times through to the rise and fall of communism. Alongside the temples and museums is a surfeit of natural wonders – like the singing sands of Khongoriin Els – that must be seen (or heard) to be be...


AU per person*

Loire Valley Cruise 2018

7 days in Europe: River Cruises

Cruise through the stunning former Berry province and the incredible Sologne region. Take a magnificent tour of the memorable sites, historic cities and prest...


AU per person*

Battle of Britain

9 days in Europe: UK

Embark on this tour steeped in history and take a look at some of the most intriguing aviation and war museums in Britain. Walk in the footsteps of fallen her...


AU per person*

Explore Eastern Europe

9 days in Europe: Eastern

A land of ancient cities, time-honoured culinary customs and ever-changing landscapes, Eastern Europe rewards those ready to explore. Discover the highlights of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland on a diverse tour of this beautiful...


AU per person*

Paris to Nice through Vineyards & Mountains

9 days in Europe: Mediterranean (Italy, Spain, Greece etc)

Glasses glinting with bubbles and rich red wines. Windows that open out on soaring mountains, charming villages and fragrant fields of flowers. Join us on a voyage...


AU per person*

Slow Food Tour of Puglia

6 days in Europe: Mediterranean (Italy, Spain, Greece etc)

Savour creamy farm-produced burrata. Sip wine beneath grape-heavy vines. Sample fresh-from-the-ocean seafood. Inspired by the slow food movement, this tour in...


AU per person*

Sail the Bay of Naples

8 days in Europe: Mediterranean (Italy, Spain, Greece etc)

Cruise along the beautiful Bay of Naples as we navigate between idyllic islands scattered with stunning beaches, numerous café-lined streets and histor...


AU per person*

D Day Battles of France

5 days in Europe: Mediterranean (Italy, Spain, Greece etc)

Trace the events that left a mark on the 20th century – and on France’s northern fringes. And see the places you’ve read about in history bo...


AU per person*

Northern Italy, Slovenia and Croatia

7 days in Europe: Mediterranean (Italy, Spain, Greece etc)

Travel from plunging gorges to soaring mountains. Discover cliff-top fortresses and Riviera-style villages. Taste wines and fresh-pressed olive oils, among co...


AU per person*

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