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Disney is to cruises what it is to children’s stories, theme parks and the Magic Kingdom – the perfect family adventure and escape.

Disney Cruise Lines offers family friendly cruise itineraries to destinations throughout North America, Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as Trans-Atlantic sailings and European excursions.

Disney Cruise Lines’ fleet consists of four ships, all of which are based in Florida. As one would expect, the onboard experience mirrors that of a light-hearted, Disney character based adventure.

From character experiences to Disney themed shows, and of course an ample number of water based adventures from pools to water slides, kids are sure to be entertained throughout the day.

Of course there’s plenty for adults to enjoy as well on Disney’s beautiful ships. Everything from day spas, juice bars and adult pool areas, to nightclubs, lounges, gyms and restaurants. Adults too will find a Disney Cruise to be a magical experience.

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  1. Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver (7 Nights)
  2. California Coast Cruise (5 Nights)
  3. Western Caribbean Cruise from Miami (5 Nights)
  4. Panama Canal Cruise from Port Canaveral (14 Nights)
  5. Mediterranean Cruise from Barcelona (5 Nights)
  1. Disney character based shows and experiences
  2. Activities for kids of all ages
  3. Mega water slides!
  4. Exclusive adult pool area
  5. Itineraries throughout Europe and North America

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