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Churches you have to see

Regardless of personal faith, visiting the world’s great churches is high on most travel to-do lists.  The stirring stroll through St Peter’s Square to tour the Renaissance wonder of St Peter’s Basili…

Discover funky Paris

It almost doesn’t matter where you stay in Paris; you’re in Paris after all. But with a little homework, you can enhance the experience of being in the world’s most loved city just t…

How to navigate Venice 

The watery wonderland of Venice isn’t your typical city when it comes to getting around.   Spread across 118 small islands, this perennial favourite amongst travellers requires some prior knowledge if…

The iconic streets of LA

For most Aussie travellers, a trip to the United States begins and ends with a stopover in Los Angeles. The number one gateway for flights to and from Australia, ‘the City of Angels’ is much more than…

Europe’s best Christmas markets

Experiencing a snow-dusted Christmas market as you stroll through a cobblestone square is a treasured memory for many a European traveller. Soaking in the enchanting atmosphere of historic town centre…

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