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Another cruise line dedicated to luxury, small ship cruises is Silversea. With elegant ships and a staff-to-guest ratio of nearly one to one, passengers will enjoy unparalleled levels of service.

The boutique style sailings found on Silversea provide an intimate, relaxed setting where guests can easily mingle, or if they choose, retreat to a secluded area for private time.

Because Silversea ships are smaller, they are able to access the smaller ports or cities not otherwise visited by the larger ships. For this reason, guests are provided with in-depth tours geared to immerse travellers in the culture and life of the region. Silversea even provides its guests with the opportunity to book land tours before, and after the cruise.

And if you require special assistance with your own travel arrangements in a port, a Shore Concierge can help with the travel plans for a surcharge.

OR CALL AN EXPERT: 1300 041 781

  1. Bali to Hong Kong (17 Days)
  2. Athens to Monte Carlo (9 Days)
  3. Rome to Venice (9 Days)
  4. Edinburgh to Reykjavik (11 Days)
  5. Southampton to Copenhagen (7 Days)
  1. Luxury, small ship boutique cruising
  2. Worldwide itineraries
  3. All-inclusive pricing
  4. Spacious suites all with ocean views
  5. Family owned and operated

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