Captain’s Choice

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A Captain’s Choice tour is defined not only by the attentive service and luxury accommodation, but by a dedication to convenience, comfort and simplicity.

Nearly all aspects of a Captain’s Choice tour are included in the price, and guests never have to worry about getting lost, tipping, handling baggage or finding that perfect place to eat.

The world is on offer at Captain’s Choice. Guests can select from hundreds of itineraries in every part of the world. Concentrate on one region with a river cruise, or circle the globe on a round-the-world private jet tour. And if you love Christmas, Captain’s Choice even offers special holiday itineraries in Europe.

  • Chartered jet tours
  • Land, sea and rail tours
  • Round-the-world itineraries
  1. Christmas in Europe (18 Days)
  2. Balkan & Dalmatian Gems (20 Days)
  3. Canals of Europe (18 Days)
  4. Italian Gourmet (21 Days)
  5. New England & Eastern Canada (22 Days)
  6. Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands (7 Days)
  1. Worldwide tours
  2. Luxury travel
  3. High staff to guest ratio
  4. Tours offer soft adventure to ultimate relaxation
  5. Top hotels with excellent location
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