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Bench Africa was established in 1969 by Charles Bench.

Bench came to Australia on a break from his role as Sales Manager for South African Airways. While he was here, he soon learnt very little was known about holiday options in South Africa.

Bench’s passion for Africa and safaris in particular saw his business flourish.

Well-crafted itineraries highlighting exotic locations throughout the continent were extended to include the Middle East and Indian Ocean also.

  • Safaris
  • Beach retreats
  • City stays
  • Rail journeys
  • Cultural and historical tours
  1. Best of Zimbabwe (9 days)
  2. Historical Jordan (8 days)
  3. Cape to Kruger Overland Safari (26 days)
  4. Ultimate Egypt (12 days)
  5. African Horseback Safari Botswana (6 days)
  1. Unique itineraries
  2. Bench Exclusive collection
  3. Knowledgeable staff and guides
  4. Eco friendly and socially responsible
  5. Over 45-years’ experience
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