Great Trains of Europe

For those who love history and trains, there’s no better holiday tour option than a trip with Great Trains of Europe.

Far from the rushed, multi-country tours found with many tour operators, a Great Trains of Europe holiday is characterised by Euro ‘name trains’ and scenic journeys with all the luxury comforts.

Tours feature quality hotels that are located in central areas for convenient tour options when exploring. On a Great Trains tour, guests never have to worry about their luggage either. Luggage is collected from your hotel room and delivered to your next stop.

The tour group size is limited to just 25 people, making for an intimate travel experience where mingling with like-minded travellers becomes a memorable highlight.

  • Escorted rail tours
  • Independent rail tours
  1. Scandinavia by Rail (21 Days)
  2. Italy: City, Coast and Country (23 Days)
  3. Winter Wonderland: Swiss and Austrian Alps (20 Days)
  4. In the Footsteps of Martin Luther (14 Days)
  5. Springtime Gardens of Europe and the U.K. (7 or 14 Days)
  1. Australian owned
  2. First Class seats (except on local trains)
  3. Tours led by company owner, a historian and tour expert
  4. Scenic routes
  5. Minimum 3 nights in each city
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