On The Go Tours

Whether you’re a single traveller, a family or just a group of friends, On the Go welcomes those who love to travel, and those who are looking for an invigorating cultural experience and outdoor adventure.

From guided group tours to tailor made packages, On the Go offers itineraries throughout the world.

A day in the life of an On the Go tour consists of exciting days spent exploring while getting to know the local people and their culture and food. At night, guests on a ‘Signature’ tour are treated to stylish and comfortable accommodation for the most relaxing stay – an “adventure in style,” as On the Go likes to put it.

  • Guided group tours
  • Tailor made holidays
  • Solo travel
  • Family tours
  • Private group tours
  1. Aegean Explorer (7 Days)
  2. Great Wall and Warriors (9 Days)
  3. Namibia Lodge Safari (11 Days)
  4. Inca Trail Trek (7 Days)
  5. Mexico City to Guatemala (22 Days)
  1. Tours range from Adventure to more leisurely and pampered ‘Signature’ range
  2. Well planned itineraries with plenty of free time on guided tours
  3. Expert local guides
  4. Inclusive age range
  5. No single supplement required on most trips
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