Todd Sturm
Todd Sturm
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An Australian / American travel writer, Todd Sturm contributes travel and airline related feature articles for well known travel brands, including Australia's top national lifestyle magazine. Todd has also worked in the airline industry on both sides of the Pacific. His travel passions range from airlines, cruises and luxury hotels, to national parks, historic sites and off-the-beaten-track adventures.

Hong Kong’s thriving culture & heritage

It’s not just its glittering skyline, picturesque harbour, or bustling markets and shopping quarters that make Hong Kong one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world. Beyond the bright …

Oberammergau Passion Play – 2020

Faith based tours enable you to immerse yourself in the history of the world’s great religions. Collette incorporates many religious sites in its tours and one of the most keenly sought is the f…

Leave the crowds behind

If you’re looking for a true escape, one where there are no crowds or queues to contend with, where only the stunning natural views and gourmet menus vie for your attention, then a stay at a Spicers R…

Experience a unique hotel in Europe

From an igloo hotel in Finland, medieval Irish castles to  country estates in Italy, Europe is filled with all kinds of enchanting and even sometimes unusual accommodation choices. If you’re looking f…

Unique Asia cruise itineraries

With a name like ‘Viking’, you’d expect some epic sailings. Whether it’s a 128-day world cruise, a fun-filled Caribbean or Alaska expedition, an alluring Mediterranean holiday or Ind…

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