Rocky Mountaineer

Gold Leaf carriage onboard Rocky Mountaineer. Image courtesy Rocky Mountaineer.

rocky-mountaineerA luxury rail operator in western Canada, the Rocky Mountaineer transports passengers to popular mountain high destinations such as Whistler, Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper, where jaw-dropping Rocky Mountain scenery is viewed in total comfort.

There are four classic Rocky Mountaineer routes to choose from, each highlighting a number of different mountain ranges. By day, passengers take in the incredible views by train, while also enjoying the personalised service from the onboard culinary and wait staff team. At night, guests are whisked away to a comfortable hotel.

Onboard, passengers can choose from two service levels – GoldLeaf and SilverLeaf.

GOLDLEAF SERVICE HIGHLIGHTS: Bi-level rail cars with panoramic dome windows on top and dining below; pre-assigned seating in reclining armchairs; complimentary gourmet snacks and alcoholic beverages; morning scones and afternoon cheese plates and luxury hotels with premium room options.

SILVERLEAF SERVICE HIGHLIGHTS: Single-level glass-domed rail cars; hot meals served at your seat; complimentary snacks and alcohol;pre-assigned seats in reclining chairs; standard and comfortable hotel accommodation.

Extend your Canadian getaway with an Alaskan cruise extension. Departing from either Seattle or Vancouver, a Holland America cruise can be enjoyed before your rail journey or at the end.

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  1. Luxury, all-inclusive tours
  2. Four scenic rail routes through the Canadian Rockies
  3. Rail packages with cruise option
  4. Onboard gourmet food and top quality wines all complimentary
  5. Daytime scenic rail travel; night time luxury hotel stay

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