Brent Rees
Brent Rees
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With a career spanning news journalism, travel documentary-making and general wanderlust, I have been fortunate to venture far & wide to experience some amazing things ... and I still get excited packing my bags every time!

A Year of Festivals

If you’re planning a visit to Hong Kong, you need to check something first. There is so much going on in 2018, make sure you do your homework on the festivals and events calendar so you can alig…

More travel tips you need to know

Continuing our series of great tips shared by Well Travelled’s community of mature globetrotters, here’s some more beauties. And in case you missed them, here’s the first list of hot…

10 travel hacks you need to know

The Well Travelled community boasts hundreds of thousands of hours of combined travel time in the air, on ships and on land, so with all that experience out there, we thought we’d pick your brains to …

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