Brent Rees
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With a career spanning news journalism, travel documentary-making and general wanderlust, I have been fortunate to venture far & wide to experience some amazing things ... and I still get excited packing my bags every time!

10 travel hacks you need to know

The Well Travelled community boasts hundreds of thousands of hours of combined travel time in the air, on ships and on land, so with all that experience out there, we thought we’d pick your brains to …

The world’s favourite Museums 

Long celebrated as the world’s most visited and most loved museum, The Louvre’s crown has been taken.  International attendance figures just released for 2016 reveal that for the first time in five ye…

Viking ventures into the Arctic

Viking Cruises has announced a new itinerary that will give guests the rare opportunity to explore the far north in Norway’s winter during a peak period for Aurora Borealis sightings. Sailing between …

The bizarre town of dolls

We’re not sure if this is creepy, charming or a bit of both. If you ever find yourself in the mountainous region of Shikoku, Japan, you might consider a visit to the tiny village of Nagoro for a rathe…

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