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Brent Rees
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With a career spanning news journalism, travel documentary-making and general wanderlust, I have been fortunate to venture far & wide to experience some amazing things ... and I still get excited packing my bags every time!

A UK hotpot for foodies!

He is one of the more affable and authentic chefs on the world stage and a favorite son of Cornwall. Dining at a Rick Stein restaurant on the southwestern tip of England is just one of the many epicur…

Cunard sets sail in Japan

The revered cruise line is now offering round-trip voyages from Asia’s most fascinating destination. Sailing on a Cunard ship is much more than a luxury cruise, it is a life experience. While th…

Living life as a travel planner

Creating unforgettable travel itineraries must surely be the dream profession. We sought the insights of one of Scenic’s Journey Designers to find out what it’s like to plot the perfect tr…

Visit a spectacular French chateau 

There is something about Chenonceau that is hard to describe.  The “ladies castle” – as it has become known over the centuries – is a piece of living history in France’s Loire Valley that evokes equal…

Visit Monet’s Home and Garden

There’s something very humbling about quite literally stepping into history. To stand on the very spot where the great masters of art immortalised the same scene you’re looking at is an in…

A Year of Festivals

If you’re planning a visit to Hong Kong, you need to check something first. There is so much going on in 2018, make sure you do your homework on the festivals and events calendar so you can alig…

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